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10 August 2009 @ 04:10 pm
Make money online...  
Okay guys I'm posting this as public and maybe people will visit my journal and see these links. Now all of you on my friends list know me and you've all been on here for years, so this shit is legit.

With me not working I've been exploring a lot of work at home stuff. I've found some websites that work. The payouts for each ad your review or offer you complete are small, but they add up. I've been referred to these sites by legit people who've made real money. They all pay and none are scams. If you want to check them out I'm posting referral links below.

I'm new to this one, but the girl who referred me has made about $40 on there already.

This is my FAVORITE of all the sites I've joined. It's actually a pretty cool site. I love it and in just 2 weeks I'm on a great roll! If you don't believe this stuff or you don't really want to try them at least do this one. There's even a support chat people help you with running on the side at all times. It's great!

The $10 sign up bonus is real. My account balance is over $10 right now and I've spent less this on this one than any other site and I have the most accumulated total here.

This one isn't my favorite but it's legit. I've been a member here longest. You just click links and view for 30 seconds and the average payout each link is usually $.01 or $.02.

As I find more I'll be updating this post. I've come across some really cool sites that help you stay away from the scam's, so don't worry I won't post ANYTHING that I wouldn't/don't do myself. :]

This post sounds like a car salesman wrote it, lmao. I just think this stuff is cool and I can make money from referrals, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

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Dessiree: going crazywishful_desires on August 12th, 2009 05:13 pm (UTC)
Oh boo to them! Lol, yeah the money is very minimal and I haven't cashed anything out yet, but it's worth trying. I just spend a few hours every few days on it. Maybe in a month or so I'll have some money sent to me? IDK. We'll see.